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Beginners Balboa class. You'll learn the basics of Balboa, how to follow or lead in Balboa, keeping your pulse in rhythm both the music and your partner. You'll also learn the Toss-out which is both the signature figure for Balboa but also the basic of more advanced patterns in the future. We will adapt material to participants - even with multiple adaptations at the same time, ensuring that you'll be optimally challenged for learning Balboa. This class aims at making you eligible for participating Copenhagen Balboa Weekend

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Sun Mar 3 13:17:00 2024 CET (+0100)

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Sun Mar 31 21:00:00 2024 CEST (+0200)

Jon & Zhan

Støberiet 1. sal TV Idrætsfabrikken Valdemarsgade 12 1665 Kbh V

Class date(s):
Thursday March 14th to Thursday May 2nd.

Class length: